Change URL for Nextcloud

Hi everyone,

I have a Nextcloud which is reachable with
now the organisation want to use an external url like

how do I change the setting of nextcloud so it accept to link to ip and name
I searched in ucs Domain or DNS but didn’t find it.
I will manage myselft a TLS certificate with a nginx in front for the name to match the certificat, but I want Nextcloud to accept this new name for its own instance.

thanks for your directions.

Hi @dominix

in nextcloud this is done in the file config.php section 'trusted_domains'
You can look here for more infos: Configuration Parameters — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

You will find a lot of answers here in the forum about where the file is located on the UCS-default and how to change it and what you have to do to make it permanent as Nextcloud is a Docker-App.

Just ask again, if the search isn’t working for you.
Best Bernd

Thanks @dominix,

one of the links is here

Thanks you all [@santiago @lebernd ] it looks good to me now.