CentOS and UCS connection

I have a UCS server that has a functioning domain.

I was able to join my Windows 10 workstation to that domain successfully and log in with a user I created in USC LDAP on the domain using the laptop.

I have installed and configured a CentOS File and Print server.

I would like to use the file and print server on the domain.

I was able to join the Domain with the CentOS File and Print Server

Question 1) After joining the domain. What do I need to do to get authentication to work? I was not able to log in with the user I created in the UCS LDAP.

Question 2) What do I need to do to use another server as a file and print share?

Thank you for any help in advance!


we should clarify first that “join a system” can have multiple technical meanings. The result is comparable but it makes sense to differentiate especially for troubleshooting.

UCS systems will use a mixture of SSL/TLS secured LDAP-connections (to the OpenLDAP part od UCS) combined with Kerberos. Integration of other Linux-based systems is usually done in a comparable way.
see 3.2.1. How UCS systems join domains and Extended domain services documentation.
Note: my collegue is currently about to bulld a reproduction scenario for your question in Member Server / Kerberos / User Authentication. But this may take some additional days as he has some other tasks too.

If Samba 4 is installed, Windows based systems can also “join” by using their built-in methods to join into an Active Directory.3.2.2. Windows domain joins. As this method is also avaiable for current Linux/Unix based systems, including storage or virtualization platforms it might be used for them to “integrate into UCS”.

Your question regarding a CentOS-based and print service first depends on the question which type of clients want to use these services. I have problems to see the benefits of using a non-UCS system for this task as one will loose some of the already built-in integration for example the administration of shares through the Management Console.

Best regards,
Dirk Ahrnke