Can't install kopano-webapp


I have reinstalled a UCS member on which Kopano runs. I have made a complete backup before. After the member is newly installed and joined the UCS domain I wanted to install Kopano again.

Kopano-Core could be installed without problems. I cannot install Kopano-Webapp because it is supposedly already installed on the host. However, this is not the case.

How can I configure the domain that Webapp is not installed?

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Hi @pixel,

did you reuse the same hostname as before?

If the web ui prevents you from installing the app, I’d try installing it from the cli.


univention-install kopano-webapp ?
I tried that. This resulted in the error message that this package was not available.
I can only test it tonight as I have started the “old” VM again.

Package not available? Do you mean this? Kopano webapp Installation: Paket fehlerhaft

It should be univention-app install kopano-webapp

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Sorry, just a typo. I had entered it correctly on the server

can you then post the full output this command generates?

Okay, you were right. I used the wrong command. Shame on me