Cannot login to UCS 4.1.3


since today I cannot login to UCS 4.1.3 anymore. When connecting to the master I always get:

The connection to the Univention Management Console Server broke up unexpectedly.
If you have root permissions on the system you can restart UMC by executing the following commands:

  • invoke-rc.d univention-management-console-server restart
  • invoke-rc.d univention-management-console-web-server restart
    Otherwise please contact an administrator or try again later.

Restarting the services or the server doesn’t work.

Error: SSL error in _receive: [(‘SSL routines’, ‘ssl3_read_bytes’, ‘sslv3 alert certificate expired’), (‘SSL routines’, ‘ssl3_read_bytes’, ‘ssl handshake failure’)]. Probably the socket was closed by the client

Do you have any ideas?


Had to renew all certificates on the master, copy them to the other servers and restart services. The backup DC had a weird problem, had to rejoin it to the domain.

Yes, this was obvious.

BTW: Please update your system- UCS 4.1.x is outdated since years!