Cannot connect from DC Slave MS Server 2012 R2 to UCS Master after AD Takeover


the primary DC was joined into the UCS Master via AD Takeover.
AD entries in DNS created, so existing win + linux clients can connect without changes and new clients can join to the UCS (AD) without problems.

In the inital DC config some secondary DC´s exists. One of them should now be included in the UCS AD domain also as a backup DC (there is running a special win prog).

Starting this MS DC is no problem, because all DNS entries are copied to the UCS Master DNS.
In Tab “Server Manager” I added the UCS Master but I couldn´t connect to the UCS Master.
Error msg is “no access to the destination server”.

Any idears ?


Running Samba-based and Windows-based AD DCs in the same domain is not supported and will not work correctly. You can join Windows servers as AD member servers, just not as DCs.


starting point:
running 1x primary MS DC + some MS DC´s as slaves + a lot of MAC OS Clients + Win Clients

The MS primary DC should be replaced by a UCS DC server +
the MS slaves should syncronisize with the UCS DC Master +
additional UCS Member servers should be set up


  1. Install UCS Server as AD Member (joined the exisiting domain)
  2. AD Takeover
  3. running the 2nd AD servers as slave to the UCS AD Server without modifying config (and without touching clients)
    –> the existing MS AD servers running as slave didn´t work !


Like I said, this scenario is simply not supported. You cannot mix Samba AD DCs & Windows AD DCs.


hmmm … -->


As you can see in your link posted - it’s experimental to join -also i do not see any reason to add an MS DC to SAMBA domain with UCS as you can install a UCS backup DC which also gets SAMB AD replicated - you may depromote your old AD members and rejoin them as normal Computer members to the UCS Domain to use apps that are there (SQL, Terminal Server for example)