Big Blue Button LDAP Issue

Hi Folks,
I have no clue what I’m missing.

We use BigBlueButton via NextCloud for quite some time sucessfully. On the same machine we also run a moodle connected to our UCS ldap via SSL 7636. This is working like a charm.

Now we added on the same machine greenlight and even though we are using the same ldap credentials as on moodle we can’t connect to UCS

Net::LDAP::Error (Address not available - connect(2) for [xxxxxx:5945]:7636):

I followed this description

Do I miss anything? as far as I remeber I hat to add the Root Certificate on the server to get the moodle ldap working. Do I need to do the same on the greenlight docker?

Also on the server I use the ets/hosts to resolve the internal IP of my UCS - do I need to add this on docker too? (how to do so?)

any help would be appreciated.

What IP-address does xxxxxx stand for?
Did you open the mentioned ports in the VCS firewall?

xxx is a ipv6 ip - but the UCS is connected via second interface on LAN - no further firewall

so I gues I need to tell somehow the greenlight to use ipv4 on LAN rather than ipv6 on external interface

but how do I do so (as on the host, where the greenlight docker runs moodle seems to use the “right” connection

fixed the ldap issue by adding the internal IP of the BBB Server to UCS master DNS so greenlight will use this to resolve ldap ip