Bareos re-generates director exports


from time to time I have connection problems from our UCS Backup Domain Controller which is running also the Bareos Director and Storage daemon.
As it appears the Bareos director exports are regenerated every 4 to 6 weeks. Did not time it exactly yet.
As soon as I update the MD5 hash in the bareos-dir.conf on the client the connection is working again.

I am running UCS 4.2 on the most recent errata.

What does trigger a regeneration of client config files on a UCS Bareos installation?


See at Bareos: (unwanted) monthly re-generation of client passwords of an UCS domain member

This Bug was closed some time ago (2018-02-14) but since current Univention bareos app version is an older one from January 2018 you have to wait or patch manually.

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Thank you very much!