Bareos 18.2.5 availability

Hi everyone,

is there any date known, when the UCS version of Bareos will be updated from 17.xx to 18.xx ? My current centos based backup server is already running on 18.xx. Since I plan to migrate it to UCS I do not want to risk incompatibilities with the already upgraded bareos clients because if the need to downgrade to 17.xx.


Hello @lw3234,

an update for the Bareos app to 18.2.x is currently work in progress by Bareos.

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Hello Nico,

thanks for the information.
Does it make sense to ask for a target date ? :slight_smile:


Hello @lw3234,

well, you can ask for sure, but I cannot answer the question :wink:

You could use the contact information provided with the Bareos app and ask there directly.

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