Automatic home directory

I just got a fresh installation of UCS in a proxmox vm running as my primary dc.
So far, everything is easy and straight forward, but I do wonder a few things.

  • I installed UCS on SSD Storage on my proxmox, and then added a 2. virtual Disk from my Mdadm Raid 5 Storage, that should serve as a NAS. I mounted the 2d Disk with ext4 under /mnt/nas and then just put all of my shares on there, is that the right way to do it ? Or is there a better way that does not involve going into the Command line.

  • currently, when creating new users, they don’t get a home directory. Can I enable this somewhere ? Or do I have to write a custom script ?

  • Can I create a home directory for unix and Windows Pcs ? -> When I log into my Windows PC, I want to have the same home drive as when I log into my Linux Pcs.

  • How can I tell my UCS to put my home drives on /mnt/nas

  • Can I tell UCS to distribute Shares on more than one node ?

Thanks in advance