Autofill bug in Kopano

We use the latest version of Kopano core version
There is a bug in Kopano, because some emails are deletete automaticaly in the autofill historie.
I must typing completely the mailadress again.
Have someone the same issue?

best regards


Hi @Schmidtch,

its a known and fixed issue that settings in the 8.7.1 release get lost on certain cases (and these settings also include the auto suggest data). If you have a valid Kopano subscription you can easily upgrade to the latest Kopano release by following the instructions from

Hi @fbartels

thank you. I will do that next week.
I want to install Kopano Meet in our Kopano Groupware.
I’ve installed kopano on UCS. Do you prefer a separate UCS for meet or can I install the Meet App on the same server as Kopano Groupware?
We use Kopano with 10 Users.

best regards

You can install it all on the same system.

I must install kopano meet correct?
Kopano WebMeeting is end of life, right?

Yes, Meet is the application that should be used for new installations. Webmeetings remains at the moment for those that need to reinstall (but will likely not be carried over to ucs 5.0)