please forum, i will seriously need to get someone that knows how to go about installing asterisk4ucs on a UCS server. the one i installed is in german language, is there a way to convert it to english or is dere a setup specifically for english speaking clients?

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I too would be interested in change the default language in the back and front end - There aren’t many German clients in Canada :slight_smile:

I too never got a reply to a similar question (I put it in the MAIN forum, mainly because no one seem to ready anything in the App Forum. So I abandoned the UCS version of Asterisk and went to stand alone FreePBX. It seems alot of the UCS apps, the support/vendors don’t read through this forum. Either you have to go directly to the vendor’s site/forum or purchase their support to get simple questions answered.

Don’t get me wrong, UCS is a great product, it just seems alot of the apps are not supported/topics are not reviewed by the vendors in this forum.

Hello kmg7513,
Hello Mr. Bonnel,

We are very committed to the UCS and the app-center, so we take feedback like yours very seriously.
At the moment we monitor the forum and every part of it closely - if there is a question, that only a partner or app partner can answer, we contact the partner with a link to the forumthread ask that they assist in the issue. It may happen, that the partner does not react for some reason, but usually they too are as committed as we are. I forwarded the issue internally and hope we can fix this issue ASAP.

Kind Regards,
Jens Thorp-Hansen

Head of Support
Univention GmbH

kmg7513: the long answer time may happen, because of the “resurect” of the thread - I would recommend for the future that you open a new thread with a link to the similar thread instead.
Mr. Bonnel: can you link the thread in that you did not get an answer? Thanks in advance.

Edit: to clear potential confusion, the OP did get an answer directly from the partner via phone/mail aside from the forum.

Here is the one I didn’t get an answer for:

About the english version of Helium V ERP. Which now we have moved to ODOO instead, as it seems to have English support. We had similar issue with a ODOO issue, but we posted on the UCS forum as it was a OS package that was needed by ODOO, ODOO support suggested we ask for OS level support and we did. We are working that issue now.

We preferred Helium ERP, but got no response on the Engish support so had to find an alternative.