AppCenter z-push installation error


I have problems installing z-push app. Error message is literally: install kopano-core first.

Setup is: kopano-core installed on a ucs slave whereas I want to install z-push on a ucs member server on which kopano webapp is running already. Slave and member server are separated by a firewall.

I checked, that firewall is not causing the problem - temporaily deactivted it -, and also checked wheather I could install z-push on the ucs slave. Installer didn’t complain in this case.

I didn’t find any restriction to install z-push on same server as kopano-core is running so I am convinced this setup should work. Unfortunately, I also couldn’t find anything helpful in appcenter.log.

Any help is very much appreciated.


Hi @wytia,

Z-push wise there is no limitation and it could be installed on a separate server (just like WebApp), but the ucs app indeed only allows installation on the same server as kopano-core.

WebApp has some scripting to configure WebApp for this, this scripting is missing for z-push.

Hi @fbartels,

sorry to read this but thanks for the very quick reply. I will adjust my plans accordingly now.