AppCenter doesn't open after updating Nextcloud

So I updated my nextcloud app and now get the following error after logging into UCS:


Could not load module “/univention/management/modules/appcenter/AppChooseHostDialog.js”.

And the App Center can’t be openend anymore. Also there is no AppChooseHostDialog.js under the specified path.

Copying AppChooseHostWizard.js to AppChooseHostDialog.js seems to have fixed it. But why does this error happen?

Although Apps from the App Center don’t open when I click on them.

There was another thread on this issue. For me it went away after a reboot and clearing cache on the browser. So it may just be a cache issue, but I’m not 100% certain.

Hello @krollfranz,

what browser are you usually using?

Best regards,

In my case it is a browser related problem. Got this Warning in my centos-VM unter firefox 68.5.0esr 64bit. Cannot open App Center, Paket-Verwaltung, Repository-Einstellungen and Update of Bareos App (without error - even nothing happens at klicking on it). Google took me to this thread an I tested again with firefox 72.0.2 (64 bit) under Windows and everything seems to work as expected.

Hope it helps somebody else,