Apache worker mode?

Hello, is there a good reason to keep apache still in prefork instead of worker mode?

  • prefork is bad for performance
  • prefork is slow, very slow
  • prefork is memory hog

thnx a lot.


because module php7.0 is incompatible with mpm_worker and mpm_event.

mpm_prefork is the only thread-safe module.


php7.0 is in EOL :frowning:


why haven’t you opted for a newer version like you did with samba?

thnx a lot :slight_smile:


well I guess there are some internal reasons from development why we did not backport php7.1.

Debian Stable currently offers php7.0 so we do.

No matter if php7.0 is out of maintenance by the developers, we as well as the Debian maintainers are still supporting php7.0.


Hi @Christian_Voelker so, is there still no progress about switching from prefork to mpm_event apache2 module, isn’t it?

IMHO, mpm_prefork is outdated enough and it’s a “memory eater” as already mention here.