Apache Guacamole invalid login after initial install

I have installed Apache Guacamole application on the Univention system and after the initial install is completed I am not able to log into the web interface.
I have tried all of the credentials that I have currently set up in the Univention system and all logins fail. Is there a default username and password that is required for the first log in or is there something else that is missing?

@vnavna I had strange issues when I installed Guacamole on a secondary node. Are you installed on the master/primary ?

I have only one Univention system and it is installed as a Domain member system. I am able to pull up the AD accounts withing the UCS system without an issue but I am not able to log in with any account the is defaulted with the UCS system or with any AD account that is a domain admin account.

Ok, by default it won’t log in any user on ucs. Did you create a configuration for the user you want to log in as? That is my biggest complaint and the reason I won’t use it anymore. why cant an account can’t be picked from a drop down so I don’t have to manually configure passwords… there doesn’t seem to be integration unless it’s changed over the last year.