Alternative for Nagios


for my project work I am planning a UCS environment. Nagios is not available in UC5. In the app catalog I find “UCS Dashboard”.

Is it possible to monitor only UCS systems or also existing Debian servers?

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the UCS Dashboard is based on Grafana and Prometheus: 15.1. UCS Dashboard — Univention Corporate Server - Manual for users and administrators
You should be able to make use of them in their full capacity, so everything that provides Prometheus-compatible metrics and can be reached by the database for scraping can be monitored. This includes Debian and all other Linux distributions where the Prometheus Node Exporter can be installed.

Additionally to the manual above I once wrote a short tutorial to add custom services: Best Practice: Monitor additional services with the UCS-Dashboard

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Thank you very much. I will include this in my project work :slight_smile:

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