Alternate Installation Methods - Running UCS in a Container

Am I correct in assuming that the only installation methods for UCS are currently via the CD/ISO or by utilising the appliance VM ?

I have recently been doing a lot of testing with LXC containers. It seems to me that a headless server implementation like UCS would be a terrific candidate to run in such a containerized environment. But the current “supported” installation methods don’t really lend themselves to that as far as I can see.

Just wondering if any consideration has or is being given to running UCS in any form of container technology. I realise there is work going on with Docker, but it seems to me Docker is more aimed at running one or a few processes in a container. LXC would seem to be more of a “virtualization alternative” suited to running entire OS’s in containers.

Or to flip this on it’s head a bit, is any consideration being given to integrating LXC into UCS ? Most of what I already virtualize under UCS could be run more efficiently & at greater density in LXC.

Really interested to hear any comments & have a discussion around this.

At the moment Univention works on containers, especially docker-integration. LXC is not tested or in the focus at the moment, because we cannot support every host-kernel.

Kind Regards,
Jens Thorp-Hansen

Thank you for the response Jens. At least for the time being I can run an Ubuntu/LXC WebPanel VM in the Univention Virtual Machine Manager. I do appreciate that to produce such a remarkably stable platform Univention needs to keep it’s focus on core technologies, and choose those technologies carefully. And it’s also appreciated that Univention staff are so active in these forums. Thanks again.

You are very welcome. :slight_smile:

Jens Thorp-Hansen