Account not logging in

my administrator account is no longer logging in, even with the right credentials, but i can only log on with the root user and the UMC can log in with the Administrator account. what is the way out please???

On the linux console or on Windows? Can you create another domain admin member and try to login with this new user?

its on the linux console. i have created another domain admin account and it still didn’t log in.


i am not completely sure if I got you right.

[ul]- You are able to login to the UMC as Administrator and root

  • You are able to login to the console as root
  • You are not able to login to the console as Administrator[/ul]

Please try the following steps in order to determine the reason for this misbehavior:

ssh Administrator@server
ssh root@server
su - Administrator

Ans please send us all eventual output and the /var/log/auth.log afterwards.

Kind regards,
Tim Petersen

nothing worked so i had to format the server again. thank God it happened during test phase.